Automatic Cutting Machine User Guide

Automatic Cutter User Guide

This user guide will help you understand how to operate our automatic cutting machines.

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Operating Instructions

  • When plugged in to 120V Power, unit is always ON.
  • The default Length Mode is English (inches).
  • The default Decimal Point is the “00.0” position.
  • If left plugged in to 120V Power, the unit goes into Sleep Mode (LED goes out) after thirty (30) minutes of inactivity. To awaken, depress any key. Memory is retained.

Load (Thread) Material

  • For material over 0.2″ Diameter, pull out the Inlet Feed-Guide.
  • Press down tension arm (on left side at rear).
  • Insert material into inlet (just forward of tension arm).
  • Always push material in until it is visible at the exit.

Program a Batch-Run

  • Set Length Mode (English / Metric).
  • To change to Metric (cm) depress the English/Metric switch through the small hole in the lower left of the face-plate using a pencil, paper-clip, etc.
  • In English Mode, length advances in 0.2″ increments.
  • In Metric Mode a RED LIGHT appears and length advances in 0.5cm increments.
  • Reset the Decimal Point as needed.
  • Shift Decimal to “000.” – Hold length & depress run
  • Shift Decimal to “00.0” – Hold length & depress run

Set the Batch Length

  • Hold length & depress left, center & right keys.
  • Each key depress advances Length from 0 through 9.

Set the Batch Quantity

  • Depress left, center & right keys.
  • Each key depress advances Quantity display from 0 through 9.

Start a Batch Run

  • Depress run.
  • Display shows the remaining Quantity to do.

Manually Pause a Batch-Run

  • Depress run.
  • Batch-Run Pauses & display DOES NOT blink.

Resume a Batch-Run

  • Depress run to resume Batch-Run. Memory is retained.

Automatic Pause During a Batch-Run (Feed Interruption)

  • Self-sensed Pause & display blinks slowly.
  • Resolve the cause of the feed interruption.
  • Depress run to clear the Pause blink.
  • Depress run to resume the Batch-Run.

End of Batch-Run

  • Operation stops automatically.
  • LED reads “000” & display blinks QUICKLY.

Repeat Batch-Run (After End of Batch-Run)

  • Depress run to clear blink & reset.
  • Depress run to start a repeat of the same Batch-Run.

Run a New Batch (After End of Batch-Run)

  • Depress run to clear blink & reset.
  • Change Length as needed.
  • Change Quantity as needed.
  • Depress run to start new Batch-Run.