Automatic Wire Cutter, Tubing Cutter, Coax Cable Cutting Machines

Each automatic cutter comes with…

free shipping, a full one-year warranty, free 30-day trial, free special set-up

Free 30-day trials are available on the Automatic Cutters II and III.

Automatic Wire Cutter, Tubing Cutter, Coax Cable Cutting Machines
Delivering Truly Automatic Cutting, So You Can Attend to Other Tasks

Our automatic cutters are programmable, easy to use, adjustable and portable giving you a fast return on your investment. They will cut a wide variety of materials including electrical wire, coax cable, flexible tubing, heat shrink and much more. Even unique materials, such as magnetic wire, are no problem for our automatic cutters.


Each of our automatic wire, tubing and cable cutters are easily programmable. With just a few clicks you set the length and quantity for your batch-run of material. No more remeasuring, recounting or loosing track of how many pieces you’ve cut.

Automatic Feed

Our automatic cutting machines are truly automatic. Just insert your material and watch it do the work! This leaves your hands free for other tasks. Watch the video above and see how it works!

Unmatched Value

An unmatched value in the industry, our automatic cutting machines are manufactured in the USA. They are made of the highest quality materials, so they last for years. Their low price will deliver a return on your investment in as little as one month!

The Automatic Cutter II and III cutting machines cut your wires, tubes, coax cables and more – quickly and easily. And now, our Pneumatic Auto Cutter IV cuts even tougher materials!

Automatic Cutter II for Smaller Materials

Automatic Cutter II
for smaller materials

Automatic Cutter III for Larger Materials

Automatic Cutter III
for larger materials


Automatic Cutter II for Smaller Materials

Pneumatic Auto Cutter IV
for tougher materials