Automatic Cutter II for Smaller Materials

Automatic Cutter II
for smaller materials

Automatic Cutter III for Larger Materials

Automatic Cutter III
for larger materials

Automatic Cutter II for Smaller Materials

Pneumatic Auto Cutter IV
for tougher materials

Starting at
Just $2,195

Optional rubber rollers are available at an additional charge.

One software company said…

“What awesome customer service!  Thank you!!  Our cutter arrived today and is off to a great start on cutting!”

Our cutters are proudly designed, manufactured and serviced in the USA.

The Automatic Cutting Machine with Unmatched Value

All of our automatic cutting machines deliver truly automatic cutting, so you can attend to other tasks. Each automatic cutting machine is:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use requiring no set-up – just insert your material, press a few buttons, let it run
  • Can be adjusted for all materials from the smallest up to 1/2″
  • Fast return on investment – our automatic cutters pay for themselves in as little as one month!
  • Portable – at just 18 pounds, nearly anyone can move them by hand to wherever they are needed

Our automatic cutters are batch-cutters for wire, coax cable, and tubing all wrapped up in one efficient, automatic, programmable unit at an affordable price. They perform a wide range of cutting tasks for different materials and sizes. Take a look at our specifications for more detailed information.

With our automatic cutters, your employees can be more efficient, perform less repetitive work, and get jobs done faster and safer.

The Automatic Cutter II, Automatic Cutter III and the all new Pneumatic Auto Cutter IV pull directly from your free turning spools, with no pre-feeder needed, and the knife for each can be resharpened. When changing from one material to another, just program the length and quantity you need, press ‘run’ and watch it do the work! It will stop if there is a problem or when the batch is done. It’s simple and efficient. That allows you to concentrate on other things.

The Automatic Cutter II & III are priced at just $2,195 per unit. And the Pneumatic Auto Cutter IV is only $2,745.

The Perfect Automatic Cutting Machine for Insulated Wire or Delicate Materials

rubber rollers for cutting delicate materialsFor those special needs such as cutting magnetic-wire or other unique materials, ask about our rubber rollers. This option prevents marking of or damage to your materials that can sometimes happen with steel knurled rollers.

The optional rubber rollers for our cutters are just an additional $235 per unit at time of purchase of the cutter.
And, if you ever need service on your automatic cutter, just contact us. We service our cutters at our factory within 24 hours so your downtime is minimized.

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