Automatic Cutter Specifications

Automatic Cutter Specifications

Our automatic cutting machines are batch-cutters that are programmable to count, measure and cut-to-length repeatable batches. They cut nearly any hook-up or conducting wire, coax cable, heat-shrink or flexible tubing.

Starting at
Just $2,195

Optional rubber rollers are available at an additional charge.

Automatic Cutter II for Smaller Materials

Automatic Cutter II
for smaller materials

Automatic Cutter III for Larger Materials

Automatic Cutter III
for larger materials

Automatic Cutter II for Smaller Materials

Pneumatic Auto Cutter IV
for tougher materials

Physical Size

5.5″H x 6.0″W x 7.75″D

Power Required

Automatic Cutter II and III only:
All electric 120V (no air)

Pneumatic Auto Cutter IV only:
All electric 120V for programming
100-120psi air for cutting

Solid State Filtered

Microprocessor control

Key Pad

Intuitive custom 5-key pad

Spool Capacity

3 pounds pull on 1/8″ diameter material


None required

Drive Wheel Tension

Auto-adjusts to all materials

Drive Wheel Material

Knurled hard steel / rubber

Cut Length Modes

Selectable – English / Metric

Cut Length Range

To 999″ / 999 cm

Cut Length Increment

0.2″ / 0.5 cm

Cut Length Accuracy

The greater of 1/32″ or 1%

Maximum Batch Qty.

999 pieces

Batch Run Mode

Unattended and repeatable

Interrupt Mode (A)

Batch End – Auto Pause

Interrupt Mode (B)

Operator Pause and Resume

Processing Rate

Static feed @ 780 ft/hr
3″ lengths @ 2,000 pcs/hr
6″ lengths @ 1,300 pcs/hr
1′ lengths @ 700 pcs/hr
2′ lengths @ 375 pcs/hr
4′ lengths @ 190 pcs/hr
6′ lengths @ 125 pcs/hr
10′ lengths @ 75 pcs/hr
20′ lengths @ 39 pcs/hr

Our cutters are proudly designed, manufactured and serviced in the USA.